Remote Patient Monitoring

MediCorHealth’s one-of-a-kind, turnkey solution makes remote patient monitoring simple.

What we do

We offer a 100% turnkey remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform and service that not only improves patient outcomes, but realizes significant financial benefits to the provider.

100% Turnkey

That’s right, we take care of everything: staffing, onboarding, billing, compliance, and devices.

No Upfront Cost

We can implement a program at no cost to the provider. 

Increased Revenue

In the past two years, four new Medicare codes have provided an opportunity for clinics to increase revenue while providing better care to their patients


Our model was created by a family practice physician in his clinic. We have now successfully implemented our model with over 100 physicians.


Our team focuses only on RPM and the associated billing. We take a responsible, conservative approach to coding and billing.

Easiest to Use Devices

Effective monitoring is about patient compliance and clean, accurate data. That is why we make sure our devices are the most reliable and easiest to use for the patient. Because we are technology agnostic, we have our pick of the best devices on the market.

Why should you start an RPM program?

Why should you start an RPM 

As of January 1, 2019 the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) made remote care a separate billable service with three new codes for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). In 2020, CMS added an additional RPM-related code. This is an amazing opportunity for providers to improve patient care, increase revenue, and meet other metrics for patient engagement and satisfaction.

Why we are different

We aren’t trying to sell you a software package or equipment. We are about service and making RPM simple and easy. Almost all other RPM services require a financial investment by the provider and staffing resources to implement.  Our outsourced solution does not. Our team:

  • Onboards the patient and provide the monitoring
  • Hires, trains and employs the staff
  • Handles all patient customer service
  • Has various scaling methods to rapidly scale any patient population
  • Buys the devices and places them with the patient

Clinical Studies

RPM has a proven track record as shown in numerous clinical studies over the past 20 years. 

 2004 “Remote Physiological Monitoring: Innovation in the Management of Heart Failure.” Survey –  Remote patient monitoring has the potential to prevent between 460,000 and 627,000 heart failure-related hospital readmissions each year.


Reduction in Hospital Readmissions

1,323 Patients over three months – Hospital bed days during the program decreased by 2,596 as compared to before enrollment in the program.


Reduction in emergency department utiliza­tion


Patient Satisfaction

200 patients were enrolled in remote patient monitoring over one year


Reduction in hospitalization rates


Reduction in re-hospitalization rates


Reduction in emergency department utiliza­tion
“Good medical care starts with a strong doctor-patient relationship. MediCorHealth has combined a common sense approach with the newest technology thereby strengthening that connection and providing actionable data to the physician”
Steve Springer

Primary Care Physician, Imperial Health

Our Process


We start off with a kickoff meeting to plan out the onboarding process.


We hire and train new staff, train existing staff and order the devices.


As a team, we define monitoring protocols and identify eligible patients.


We onboard patients, provide support, assess and revise.

From Our Clients

Here is what our clients have to say about our service.

“RPM has been a great addition to my practice.  It allows me to monitor my patients blood pressures in real time and proactively make necessary adjustments.  It allows my patients to better engage in their health and provides continuous preventative education”

Dr. Andres Guillermo, M.D.

Family Medicine Physician, Imperial Health

“My staff and I have been utilizing the remote monitoring program over the last year. With the changes to our healthcare system over the last several years, we as physicians need to look for tools to help meet the complexities that we face on a daily basis in regards to operating an efficient and effective medical practice.  The remote monitoring program has enabled us to provide better continuity of care and I feel a better quality of care to our patients! This is an invaluable tool for staying on top of the ever-changing quality measures involved in all of our Medicare practices.”

Jason R. Morris, M.S., M.D.

Family Medicine Physician, Imperial Health

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